Vehicle recovery services may be needed for a variety of reasons – it may happen that the car has suddenly stopped and it is not possible to start it or it is not possible to participate in the traffic, or something happened after the start of the journey, therefore, it is not possible to continue it. One of the first thoughts is to call a friend, however, it is not always the best solution. To avoid further damage to the car, it is recommended to call a tow truck that will not only take the car to the car repair shop without damaging it, but will also carry out a first assessment on the spot. Car towing is mostly associated with high costs, but it is important to remember that a professional will deliver the car to the car repair shop without causing any further damage, thus costs may be lower. Nevertheless, you know that the car is in the hands of an experienced person.


Reasons to call a vehicle recovery service



The tow truck is one of the best ways to take care of an already damaged vehicle and get to a car repair shop. The professional car tower will know the best way how to move the car so that no further damage is created.


Not less important is the fact that people who are dealing with a car towing everyday, they are experienced and know each car, thus not only moves the car in the safest way, but also are able to assess the situation before the towing, because sometimes car towing is not necessary and the car can be repaired on the spot.


It is very important to know that it is much easier to cause additional damage to the already damaged car. Taking into account the fact that it is not always necessary to carry out car towing,  by calling a professional, the cause can be identified and the car might be repaired on the spot rather than taken to a car repair shop.


Vehicle recovery is associated with high costs, which is one of the main reasons why it is usually not called, but it is the best option in order to avoid additional expenses. It is very important to remember that it is more easier to cause additional damaged to already flawed vehicle, because it is much more fragile and the damaged place is not durable, therefore, a wrongly done car towing can significantly affect the condition of the car while conveying it to the car repair place.

Reasons for the vehicle to stop

  • the car battery is discharged;

  • the vehicle wheels are locked;

  • entry into the ditch;

  • weather effects on the car;

  • the car has been in an accident

There are different options for car towing in Latvia, thus it is important to know them in order to be able to choose the most suitable options.

When choosing towing services, it is important to assess not only the price, but also reputation as well as the location in order for the help to arrive as soon as possible. To choose the best available towing service, it is necessary to know its services and location. 

Options of vehicle recovery

The most popular car towing services are from private car repair shops, which also includes car towing. Most tow trucks work within the territory they operate, but there are some which are operating in the whole territory of Latvia.

Another option is car towing operated by car clubs. The price offered by car clubs for the towing services is usually lower than those of car repair shops. However, car club services are mostly targeted at the car club members, but not limited to them.

The options for car towing has a very wide range and is available throughout Latvia. Given that the offer is extensive, you may need to spend some time choosing. Information can be found on the Internet or by contacting friends, but in order to find the closest and the best available service to the particular situation, we suggest using our website where you will find the closest tow truck available for you.

The most commonly used tow truck services are those privately owned, because in most cases they operate in the specific area and there are several options to choose from. Some car repair shops offer car towing all over Latvia and even out of its borders, which in some situations may be useful.

Car club tow trucks are mostly for the members of the particular club, but sometimes their services are also provided outside of the club’s members.

The size of your vehicle is important, because the towing service provider does not have the required size of a tow truck in order to be able to evacuate and deliver a larger car to the car repair shop, therefore a fast and correct information about the vehicle and its location saves time. will provide you with accurate and relevant information about the closest available tow trucks based on your location, so you can pick the closest and fastest option.

When calling a vehicle recovery service


The first thing to do is to tell the location. If it is as accurate as possible, it will allow to begin the car evacuation as soon as possible and it will be easier for the tow truck driver to find you;


 It is very important to tell the dispatcher the category of the vehicle in order to be able to send the appropriate tow truck. They vary in size so that different vehicles can be evacuated. It is worth knowing that the price of a tow truck varies depending on the size of your vehicle, therefore it is important to tell the correct size of the vehicle to avoid unnecessary costs;


 Tow truck is not always necessary, therefore it is important to describe as precisely as possible the state of the vehicle and the situation, as sometimes there is no need for a tow truck. For example, if the wheels are locked, there is a need to lift the car in order for it to be moved;


 It is necessary to inform the dispatcher about the number of people who will need a lift. Most often tow trucks only have two seats available, therefore, in a situation of more than two people other ways of transportation are provided;


It is worth remembering that you can ask any questions to the dispatcher, who will provide an answer to make the evacuation process more enjoyable.

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